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Vega Design / Vega Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.

Vega Design

Vega Engineering

Vega Engineering is inspired by the brightest stars in the sky which is named as Vega.

Vega Engineering was established in order to design wide range of electrical projects of civil sector, in 2008 in Istanbul.


Vega was founded by Mehmet YILDIZ, to implement 25 years of engineering experience and knowledge of the industry to the projects signed with Vega Engineering. Today many successful projects in domestic and oversea areas are added to the references besides Vega Engineering serves as a consultant in many large projects.



  • To serve a reliable business partnership
  • Serving Punctually, in accordance with standarts moreover to produce workable inventive projects
  • To take over the responsibility of our clients by providing technical support
  • To offer and  ensure continuous customer satisfaction


New Trends and Standards

Vega designs all electrical projects professionally, from a simple house to wide range , requiring advanced technology projects, also with any technical support during and after the application process to ensure the successful finalization of the project.


New projects are designed coordinately with architecture and mechanical groups by applying new trends and standards. Instead of using single template; creative engineering methods and applications are developed for each project and projects are completed properly on time.


Partnership Based on Reliability

The projects, that we had practiced, are references for the others that we will perform. Our main aim is to create partnership based on reliability, and to support this reliability and  taking firm steps forward  to be the leader  in the sector.



We have signed many projects in countries such as Turkey, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, Libya, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Some of the projects were carried out for consultancy.